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Parents Fight For The Right to Choose Care for Their Teen

I don't know of any parent that doesn't want the best for his or her child.  Unfortunately our society has degraded to the point that radical elitists and activists want a say in what you do with your children's care.  Of course there are situations where authorities should take action in cases of abuse, endangerment, etc.  But when parents try and get help for their troubled teenagers e.g. thanks to child monitoring software filtering it seems that the loudest criers are those with the least amount of credibility or credentials – and are often completely anonymous as to their identities.  But somehow they are treated as if they are authorities in the subject matter beyond the known, licensed, and accomplished professionals in medicine, psychology and therapy.  In fact, they (the activists) ridicule these professionals when the diagnosis of the troubled teen conflicts with the political views of the activists.

Activists love to ridicule the professionals employed in health care for troubled teens, attacking the credibility of a psychologists, medical doctors or therapists as quacks only working for money, while at the same time attacking schools, programs, and residential treatment centers for troubled teens by picking apart their employee list saying “this person has no license” – referring to the non-professional staff such in departments such as admissions, groundskeeping, athletics, etc.  demanding that everyone be licensed while ignoring the fact that everyone that needs a license has one.  This includes doctors, therapists, psychologists, school teachers, nurses, substance abuse counselors, nutritionists, etc.

This kind of “I know better for your child than you do” attitude doesn't just stop at anonymous activist and do-gooders, its creeping into the mainstream system of healthcare in general.  Recently stories in the news have surfaced where parents have actually lost custody of their children because medical professionals determined their diagnosis of the child to be superior to the diagnosis of other medical professionals.  In one case parents lost custody of their child simply by wanting to take the child to another doctor for a second opinion.

Even more recently in Connecticut, parents of a 15 year old teenager lost custody after taking her to a hospital to be treated for the flu.  When the doctors found out she had a preexisting condition, they made an additional diagnosis and determined that the families medical specialist for the condition was wrong and contacted DCF to intervene with the parents and take custody because the “Parents were too active in pursuing medical care” for their daughter.

Here's the story…

After a long history of medical problems, a West Hartford teenager is now “trapped” inside a hospital with seemingly no way out. Fox CT spent the past few.  “It is kidnapping,” says Lou Pelletier. Boston Children's Hospital 

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