We sincerely appreciate the efforts and donations of time and resources from families and individuals who support our cause – to help parents who are struggling to find the truth on the internet when making difficult choices about their family.

Parent Advocacy office building San Francisco Office

  • Carl Davidson Family Trust, for their donation of the use of their San Francisco office complex for our organization and volunteer staff.
  • Anold Beck Family, for the donation of the time of their I.T. staff in coordinating and setting up and ongoing technical support for our staff.
  • Susan J. Smith, for the donation of our telephone and fax numbers
  • David Alstrohm Family, for registration and donation of our domain names and web server.
  • Orrin Tate Family, for the donation of laptop computers and printers for our volunteer staff.
  • The Whitehead Foundation, for the donation office copiers, wireless routers, and a refrigerator.


We sincerely appreciate these donors who have helped us so much.

We're also received requests from additional supporters to provide a way to donate through PayPal or other means.  Finally, with a little help from our friends we've been able to setup donations through PayPal!  Every donation is always graciously accepted and appreciated.

Thank You!

Donations of any size are graciously
accepted and appreciated.

2 Responses to “Donations”

  1. Hey! It’s so good to hear that you got everyting off the ground! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Thanks, Kathy for everything you did for us and heading up this tremendous project! We’re always here if you need anything.

    • Grant Johnson

      Hi Anna, we’re glad you found us so quickly! we have only been online with our websites for a few weeks. It all takes a lot of time for sure, so we to can’t wait to see how it comes together. With support of people like yourself, were able to do so much more than we could alone. We are more determined than ever, you and I know what it was like looking for help and feeling so alone, it inspires me to work harder knowing that we can help parents who are now in the situation that we were in looking for help, but alone.

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