Teen activists smoking pot

You Thought Your Only Enemies Were Drugs and Peers…

The nightmare began when I realized my daughter was on drugs, hanging out with new “friends” in places I thought only existed in movies. But when I found the help she needed – a reputable rehabilitation center for teens, “teen rights” activists came out of the woodwork, anonymously on the internet – to try and stop me from getting her the help she needed.

No sooner than I had chosen a residential treatment center for teens, the internet seemed to explode with anonymous claims, comments and accusations about the facility.  At first I was shocked and began to doubt myself as to whether or not I had actually been thorough enough in all of the research I did about the RTC.

The claims were so outlandish that I had to dive in deeper and figure out if there were any merit to their claims. I had already spent months researching schools, programs, and residential treatment centers through educational consultants, psychologists, and therapists, not to mention making dozens of calls to each facility and the governmental divisions that license and oversee them.