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We Almost Gave Up Getting Help for Our Son… Out of Fear

Finding a Residential Treatment Center for our Son Was the Hardest Thing We’ve Ever Done

We made our decision to seek rehab and residential treatment for our son.  It was the hardest thing we've ever done. Even with the advice and support of our Family Therapist, Psychologist and Educational Consultant it was so hard to find somewhere we felt comfortable. Then when we found the perfect place, a family member started pointing out all of the negativity about the school she found online.  We had already done all of our due diligence to ensure it was a good, safe place, but we began to wonder if we were all wrong.

Gratefully we found your site and regained our hope when we understood the attacks of the program were really directed at us.  We began to see through the facade of their claims and even though we started the due diligence, research, and visits again (just to be sure) we stood with our choice of school with renewed faith that we and our trusted professional advisers were making the best decision for our son.

Happily, its 9 months later and he's home from the program, doing well, and enrolled in our local Community College studying Criminal Forensics!  The path he was on before sending him to get help was so self destructive he even said in his graduation speech that he felt like if we (his parents) hadn't taken him out of the environment he was in, he would most likely not be alive.  Two of his four best friends (before seeking treatment) died from drug related accidents while he was away.

I have no doubt that what he said was true; with 1/2 of his friends dead from drugs it is surely likely that he would have been with them.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being a measure of sanity on this subject. My heart sinks when I think that we nearly ended our search for treatment – out of fear.

Anna K. – Houston, TX

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