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New Donation Options Are Finally Here!

While we were organizing and building, donations have been made by those involved in founding the organization – in time, expertise, resources, you name it! It's so exiting to be involved in something that so many believe in so much.

As the word of what we're doing has spread through the families and friends of the organizers, and through their social media contacts, we were asked if there was a way to donate by PayPal or other electronic means. Many live away from our organizations offices, so it is difficult to offer time or other physical resources.

With the help of Brady Hunt, a techie guru (I think he's good with that description) from the architect firm next door, we've been able to install the code for a PayPal Donate button into our website. Thank you Brady!

We've also got friends at our law firm looking into the feasibility of going non-profit! Hopefully that will happen in the near future.

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