Good Residential Treatment Centers?

Good Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens.  Are there such things?

If you've spent any time searching the Internet for answers, you may begin to wonder – no you WILL begin to wonder if they exist.

That's why was founded.  To help parents find the truth on the Internet that will help them find the help they so desperately need when they face losing their child to drugs, alcohol, suicide, or other self destructive behaviors.  You're not alone.  We've been there.

Our mission it to help uncover the truth to help you choose for yourself, and to defend your right to choose what you feel is best for your family.  Our job is not to recommend any particular residential treatment center, program, school or otherwise – that is for you to decide.  If you're in the beginning stages of looking for professional help outside your home we hope the resources we provide will help you know that you're not alone, and feel confident that despite what the anti-parent activists will tell you, there are good (even great) schools and programs out there – you just need to be able to go to the real, reliable, and authentic sources that govern these schools and the professionals they employ.  They will tell you the truth.

Advertising, marketing, activism on the Internet is rampant with false claims of good AND bad, no matter what is being discussed – there are always opposing sides to any argument.

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For proof, you have to look no further than to search the Internet for information on your own religion or political party.  Do it now, you'll see what I mean.  It's ugly, hurtful, and disheartening – no matter what your beliefs may be.

We hope you'll do your own due diligence as you search for the help you need.  We will provide resources and commentary on our experiences getting help for our teens in trouble and the truth about the programs or schools we have actually visited or enrolled our own kids in.

We invite parents searching for answers to read through this website for help, and for those who have already gone through the process, we invite you to share your experiences and results with those whose shoes you were once in.

Just us the contact us form and let us know about your experiences.  Please give us enough information about yourself and your story (good or bad) so that we can ensure what we post is really from parents that have used the services of real residential treatment centers and not activists, competitors of a particular organization, etc.

We will do our best to validate the information we get before it is posted.  We are looking for the truth, not unsubstantiated claims.  If you have supporting proof, citations, links, etc. please post them as well.

Thank you!


2 Responses to “Good Residential Treatment Centers?”

  1. are you going to research every residential treatment center or program or just the ones you had experience with yourself?

    • Grant Johnson

      Hi there. We will talk about our own experiences with the programs or schools we actually researched while we were looking and those that we chose for treatment. But we do invite other parents to share their experiences with the same or other programs or schools so that we can build a better overall view of what is really out there. We will try and verify what is submitted before posting so that it doesn’t become fake people trying to promote a school or program – or people trying to harm a particular school or program. We know there are poor and even bad programs out there, what we want for this organization is to uncover the truth about the good ones. The haters and activists say “there is no good program”, but we find that to be an absurd and impossible statement. We’ve found good programs and good results, our job is to help parents sift through all of the clutter, misinformation and outright lies put there to convince you to abandon your search (and your child) out of fear.