Derral Wilkes

I just stumbled across your site this morning while researching for a client (I'm a Consultant.) It's refreshing to see somethhing like this. It looks like it could be a good resource for parents and professionals. I will be sending some of my parents to contribute their stories. Great idea!

Anna K. (Houston, TX)

We made our decision to seek rehab and treatment for our son.  It was the hardest thing we've ever done. Even with the advice and support of our Family Therapist, Psychologist and Educational Consultant it was so hard to find somewhere we felt comfortable. Then.. [more]

Pam (Spokane, WA)

I found your site and I can relate exactly to everything everyone has said. I saw the negativity but saw through it and did what I knew was best. The negativity didn't bother me so much because I did my own research and investigation. What really bothered me was the arrogance of the activists who know nothing about me or my son but write on their blogs about how stupid we parents are as if I would just ship my precious son off somewhere unknown without a thought, or that a marketing campaign would be clever enough for me to enroll my son without doing any investigation of where he would be. Its a good thing you are doing.